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From the very first to last time you visit ChiroMedica, you will to be treated with respect and honesty. Helping people is why ChiroMedica was established and remains at the forefront of what we are about.

You’ll immediately feel reassured by our private and comfortable environment where the healing process can begin. Further, you’ll always be seen by the same doctor, who’ll diagnose, treat and study your on-going progress.

On your initial visit, your diagnosis is made through your history of injury or illness and physical examination that includes orthopedic and neurologic evaluation, as well as specific functional testing (functional tests may include gait and postural analysis, joint motion assessment and muscle strength testing). This helps us form an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Then, you and your doctor will thoroughly discuss the findings, options for treatment, and long term and short term goals.

If diagnostic tests, such as radiology or advanced imaging (like MRI or CT), are necessary to reach a more conclusive diagnosis, you may be referred to an outside service. You will not be subject to any unnecessary tests or procedures.

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