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Why choose ChiroMedica?

We found the best way to explain our approach is by simply stating what we don't do and what we do.

We Don't: We Do:

treat everyone with the same solution

tailor treatment plans to meet patients individual needs. Everyone’s body is unique in their response to treatment. That’s why the combination of therapies recommended, along with their frequency and duration, are specifically based on your requirements and progress.
over-treat patients establish a treatment plan with realistic and specified treatment duration. Our goal is to ensure that you quickly become self-reliant.
try to sell supplements recommend supplements or products, such as a brace, when necessary and offer information on where to find them
rush patients take the time to carefully listen. Throughout the entire process we’re committed to ensuring that progress is made. We understand your feelings and focus on making sure your health care needs are being met.
treat you when other care would
be better for your condition
recommend and discuss the healthcare options available to the best you. If the best solution is conventional medicine, we can recommend the resources you may require through our network of healthcare providers that include medical, dental and other allied health professionals.
just treat low back pain treat a wide variety of conditions and offer many conservative care services


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